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The Empty

The vast emptiness that is The Empty, no one knows when or if it was created, all that is known is that it was there. 

 - Time didn't exist yet, so pinpointing an exact moment is impossible. - 


God Particles Formed

The God Particles, just like The Empty have an unknown origin.  No one knows if evolved and formed from within The Empty, or if they were always there.


The God Particle Interaction

The God Particles began to move and collide with each other.  This caused a massive amount of energy to swoop through The Empty.  Explosions happened throughout the endless void causing reactions.  The most important was the creation of The Original.


The Creation of The Original

No one knows how The Original came to be, but some believe that he just formed the massive power disruption caused by The God Particle Interaction Event.


Creation of The Trinity

The Original evolved during his travels through The Empty, began to develop emotions, and became lonely.  He created The Trinity,  from his own being Kala, Asteria, and Archiel.


The Trinity Developed Powers

Kala, the deity of Time.

Asteria, the deity of Space.

Archiel, the deity of matter and antimatter.

- Time did not exist until this point, but it still was not archived.  Believers label this event the beginning of time and call it The First Cycle. -

- A cycle is equivalent to 1,000,000,000 rotations of a normal planet around a sun. -

The First Cycle

Creation of The Forger

The Trinity wanted to test their powers they developed and created their own being from themselves, called The Forger.  A being with the power and ability to planes, planets, galaxies, and life as well.

- It is not known the exact time when this happened, this was an arbitrary time given by scholars. -

The Second Cycle

Existence Began to Form

The Forger began to create worlds and galaxies and these began to form basic lifeforms.

- It is not known the exact time when this happened, this was an arbitrary time given by scholars. -

The Second Cycle

Not all is known about the creation of the FiberVERSE.  All that we know will be unfolded and experienced as the players play!  So come and experience the FiberVERSE with us.  And lets find out what happens.