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In the beginning there was nothing, and in a flash, there was everything.

- Unknown

The origin of the FiberVERSE is a mystery. None, if any know the truth of its beginnings, but there are stories as to how it began. Some believers say, in the beginning there was nothing, a dark void of emptiness called The Empty.  A seemingly peaceful vacuum where nothing was thought to have existed, until these microscopic particles deemed God Particles began to accumulate all throughout it. 

The origin of these particles are unknown, but they say in just one particle contains enough energy and power to create entire galaxies. Once these particles began to interact and crash into each other, it caused massive explosions and chaos throughout The Empty.

These massive explosions caused a mass churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of it all, where all things seemed to begin appeared a being, The Original, the creator of everything and a being of immense and incomprehensible power. The only information on The Original is hearsay passed down from the gods of old. It’s said that he existed before space, before time, before everything. While moving through this vacuum of emptiness he began to evolve, he developed emotions and feelings. He eventually began to feel lonely, so he began creating life.

"From me, let there be three."

- The Original

From himself he created The Trinity, Kala, Asteria, and Archiel. These beings eventually grew and developed there own power and abilities. And with all their combined abilities time and space were created and this was the beginning of the universe as we know it.

These powerful deities created a being known as The Forger, with the power to create planes of existence that could create life within itself, and from there those creations began to evolve and change until entire universes, realms, worlds, and other species were created, more notably The Council of Nine.  And these nine powerful creatures started the organizing of many things, including splitting up the worlds and universes into some sort of organized chaos. For some unknown reason The Original and The Trinity seemed to have vanished and left life to fend for itself, it’s said they escaped to their own separate dimensions outside of the time and space of the universe and when they disappeared they created a marking point in time. After this The Council of Nine took over control of the universe and did with it what they wanted. After the events of The Great Defect, the incident where The Original and The Trinity disappeared, they saw fit to split the powers up amongst themselves so no one being could seize complete control over the council. With this decision, new life began to evolve and grow, both new, amazing, and terrifying places began to form and with these new locations of power, new gods soon took seats in this hierarchy. These creatures would begin a never ending cycle of conflict of war with the decision to try and keep the peace, or to end it all.

"From nothing, I will create EVERYTHING!"

- The Original

This multiverse has existed through many different timelines. They have experienced conflict, war, and disaster countless times over. With these great ordeals the multiverse has been destroyed, reset, and then recreated countless times over many many millennia, whether it was gods, extinction-level events, or just by a species own means. Life would end than begin anew from the time the The Original and The Trinity left, like a unending cycle of time stuck in a loop. All though it seems time resets itself and clears its canvas, some old pieces from the previous existence of life are left behind, anything from artifacts, writings, and other worldly objects that resonate differently and do nit fit in with the current universe. These objects are either to be seen as a reminder in history or used as a stepping stone for knowledge of the future.

The ending of the multiverse is known to some as The Great Reset, no one knows for sure how many times it has reset. Nor do they know when or why it will happen, but some know for certain it is inevitable. Some believers say that it is the only way to see The Original or The Trinity and welcome it with open arms, while others attempt to stop event from happening.

All though it is said that no one can live through such an event, no one knows for certain if that is true. Other stories tell of beings who have lived through such tragic events and have been ascended by The Council of Nine into Titans of the Pantheons, beings whose souls formed within worlds throughout the FiberVERSE. These beings whose souls are targeted by both light and dark beings throughout the known multiverses due to their power and influence to shape worlds . It’s said that if one of these souls could be corrupted by the dark that soul would turn into a being of power on par with those of The Council of Nine.

With so many iterations of conflicts and battles since The Great Reset, our adventure brings us to a mysterious occupied part of space, to the current version of a planet called Aeloria, on the continent of Viseryia. A prosperous planet with many mysteries waiting to be found and unlocked, but possibly on the brink of possible destruction.