Skill challenges will be added to certain scenarios which allow the players to “CREATIVELY” use skills, attack rolls, flat ability checks, saving throws, and initiative rolls to complete the challenge. Each challenge will consist of pass and fail rolls. For every challenge only 3 rolls under the DC will be needed to fail the challenge, but this will not end the scenario, any failed rolls after the 3 will only result in a worse outcome. However many rounds the challenge takes, no player can use any roll type used in the previous round.

Example: The druid want to spot something useful the party can use, rolls a Perception Check. After that round is completed, on the druids next turn he cannot use a Perception Check until the following round.

The amount of pass rolls will be determined by me secretly, but I may decide to share the outcome of failed rolls. Also there is no initiative order to start, it will be whoever speaks first goes first, when all players have gone than the round ends.